Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lars Van Stook

We always took Lars Van Stook seriously while under the shadow of his great brow.


When he was in the next county--

Our natural independence asserted itself. Why should we cowtow to Lars merely because, due to some freak of nature, he had been born with an overhang in the cranium department?

We decided to trip him up with a stretched rope.

Upside down, Lars Van Stook no longer seemed at all threatening, and we set about removing his brains with melon scoops.

Lars, bereft of his thinking equipment, has now found true happiness and contentment as a canoe.

And as for us--

Life is one long camping holiday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Limerick (dedicated to Maximum Traffic)

There once was a fellow named Traffic,

who ran with a crowd most riffraffic,

until one day a hex
was affixed to their necks,

and left them completely giraffic.

A Confession

I broke into a ruined gatehouse in Tarzana, the only extant structure on the Edgar Rich Burroughs ranch.