Monday, May 18, 2009

If you like Pina Coladas,

and getting caught in the rain,

and makin' love at midnight,

Then you'll love the first issue of Noble Head Funnies! Buy it and Mr. Kitty Fluff will show you his collection of Hummel figurines!

And don't worry! Every delightful issue is still available from that old crusty guy at the cigar store! He'll just have to dig for 'em.

And there are more Noble Heads in the new "Slam Bang"!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Once again, boyfriends came around Althea's home by the gross.

This time, she decided Mitchell Moonhead possessed the strongest appeal.

Most days of the year he was idle. But, when the Moon chose to vacation, Mitchell was called in to substitute.

After Mitchell had brought her 12 boxes of chocolate and an envelope of Pop Rocks, she decided to let him go all the way with her.

No sooner had Mitchell removed his cotton Dockers than he received a telegram.

The Moon had been called away for a medical emergency. Mitchell's head was required immediately. Off it flew!

Althea sat down to an evening of pinochle with Mitchell's torso. A knock came at the door.

It was the Moon! It had looked down upon her and become smitten. It had faked a medical emergency to call Mitchell away.

The Moon took over Mitchell's body, and soon convinced Althea of its superior charms.

Mitchell looked down helplessly as his date succumbed to the blandishments of the suave satellite.

Althea married the Moon in a simple ceremony.

Unfortunately, her new husband tended to capture oceans in his gravitational pull, often resulting an an inundated abode.

When she complained to her spouse, he only beat her with his thornbush.

She divorced him with one powerful stroke of her golf club, and the Moon hasn't dared visit Earth since.

Mitchell was finally relieved of his celestial duty. But, he tended to sulk moodily whenever he ran into Althea at Club Bacon.