Thursday, January 13, 2011

Noble Head Funnies #5 is now in print!

The fifth fun-tabulicious issue of Noble Head Funnies is now in print!

Mr. Kitty Fluff 's Medicine Show is traversing American Space and Time. Black Rayed Sun, Spittoon of Hidden Delights, and the Nobility Boys are along for the ride. John Brown, Confucius, and the Battle Terrapins make their first appearances. An old nemesis returns. Life gets Keelerian for the gang!

Plus, cigars, hot wings, black squares, and Goat Gland Baseball! Plus, the fourth installment of our serialized epic, WAR AND FLEAS!

Noble Head Funnies will make you as merry as old Potiphar among the inlets gay. Break out the Hadacol and start a-readin'!

It should soon be available at:

You can also get a copy from me. Inquire within.

[Special thanks to Allen Freeman, Brad W. Foster, and Richard Polt.]

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